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Information about nupure

We want to offer you the best.

Our passion began with the realisation that there were no products that met our own requirements: Safe, reliable and based on the latest research results.

Based on our own experience, we noticed early on what influence our health has on our well-being. This has led us to go deeper into the matter and to start research projects to better understand how this complex system works and how it can be supported.

On this basis we have developed our products and are constantly improving them.

We - that is a multinational and multidisciplinary team that founded AixSwiss B.V. in 2015. Shortly afterwards, this resulted in the brand nupure.

Our goal is to make food supplements for people like us. People who are not satisfied with the first best. People who like to be safe when it comes to their health.

And this claim is our incentive!

Therefore, we place the highest demands on the manufacture of our products and adherence to the best quality standards.

Our products are manufactured and tested in Germany and Denmark. The raw materials for this we only buy from the best suppliers.

Strict control and documentation of all production steps and continuous testing of the products in laboratories are a matter of course for us. Regular independent audits confirm certification according to ISO standards and compliance with the production guidelines of the American Food and Drug Administration FDA.

Transparency is particularly important to us. That is why we try to disclose as many test results and manufacturer information as possible for you.

You should not have to trust us blindly, because we want you to feel safe.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the use of our products, their production or the ingredients!